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CHW Baywatch's Moon River



Sire - MCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch          ++*S  'E'

Dam - CHW AR Once In A Blue Moon *NDGA: 2x GCH Dry Doe; AGS: 1x    RsCH Jr*

I can hardly believe my good fortune to be able to have a doe of this superior conformation.  Her dam exhibits perfect dairy character with all of the correct dairy angles.  As you can tell by her picture StaceyBell also has excellent length and depth of body and rear leg angulation.  Her Dam has six finished champions in her immediate pedigree.  It is really rare to see such excellent qualities in the breed at such a young age so I purchased both her and her brother.  



CHW Baywatch's Deep Blue Sea



Sire - MCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch          ++*S  'E'

Dam - CHW AR Once In A Blue Moon  *NDGA: 2x GCH Dry Doe; AGS 1x RsCH Jr*            

This little guy is amazing.  I just love to watch him run and strut his stuff.  His sire needs no introduction with being the sire of eight Master Champions so far.  Baywatch is such a powerful, yet dairy buck.  A perfect blend of masculinity and dairy character.  I have no doubt that Walker will also be wide and deep through out with excellent spring of rib.  I am so excited to be able to add his genes to my breeding program.  And to top it off he has blue eyes.  A big thanks to Sherri for letting me have both kids. .


CHW Baywatch's Damselfly


Sire - MCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch           ++*S  'E'

Dam - Chinook Winds DH Dragonfly   *NDGA: 1x GCH Jr, 1x RsCH Jr*

I knew I wanted a Dragonfly baby since the Nationals.  I was in the show ring with her owner and it was hard to try to pay attention to the doe I was showing for watching the magnificent way in which she carried her self.  Damselfly is the spitting image of her dam.  She is super stylish, refined and very long bodied.  She stands on correct feet and legs and has a long thin neck with wattles.  There are seven Master Champions in her immediate pedigree.


Sawdust Trail Grey Pianos Flying


Sire - Chinook Winds Tumnus

Dam - Chinook Winds BTBW Runaround Sue

This girl is huge!  I just knew her Dam was going to have triplets.  When she was born she was almost as big as her 20 day old half-sister.  Her Dam has an impressive pedigree with her sire PGCH Chinook Winds DH Born To Be Wild *NDGA: 5x GCH, 1x RsGCH, 2007 NDGA National Champion Buck;  AGS: 2x GCH, 1x RsGCH, 1x RsCH Jr*.  I personally won the 2007 NDGA National Champion Buck for Sherri & Aaron Jones with her grand-sire.  This is just a amazing bloodline.







Sawdust Trail Graceland Blue
2005 NDGA National Reserve Champion Junior Buck
*2x RsCH Senior Buck
*1x GCH Dry Doe
Blue-eyed Flashy Polled Boy


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